Latinas Siguiendo Adelante

group of smiling students at UMBCLatinas Siguiendo Adelante, our alumnae program provides our graduates with on-going support during their college years and beyond, through a professional speaker series, workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, networking, and connections to internships and jobs.

By supporting their academic and professional goals and experiences during and after college, we encourage our alumnae to stay engaged with ¡Adelante Latina!  We want our young Latinas to become mentors and resources to each other and to high school students participating in the ¡Adelante Latina! program.

Speaker Series

The Speaker Series provides our alumnae with an opportunity to continue their education and strengthen their professional development.  Speakers from a range of professional backgrounds and fields share experiences and perspectives on topics ranging from mental health to professional choices and financial security. Six sessions are scheduled throughout the academic year each ending with a Q. and A. session.  To meet the scheduling and geographical needs of our alumnae, meetings will be held virtually.

Class Meetings

Latinas Siguiendo Adelante will meet twice a year for a social gathering to reconnect and share experiences.

Alumnae Newsletter

Our Alumnae are doing amazing things!  Email Cristina Saenz de Tejada to tell us about your favorite class, semester abroad, research project or job!

Giving Back

Giving is easy and happens at all levels.


Contact Cristina Saenz de Tejada at or visit the ¡Adelante Latina! Alumnae website.

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